Learn to Surf

Teaching someone to surf is simple. Lay the student on a board, give it a shove towards the beach and yell, “Get up!” Any bozo, it would seem, can be a surf instructor.

If it’s that easy, if anyone can teach you to surf, what makes us any different? Why choose us over all the others? The answer is as simple as…well, as simple as teaching someone to surf. I’m going to explain what sets us apart, and when I’m finished I think you’ll agree that our school is the best choice.

Many people think that being a good surfer is the primary factor in being able to teach it, which is completely false. Possessing skill on a surfboard, while far from the most important ingredient of being a good teacher, is helpful. As a former East Coast pro champ, I’ve got that covered. Still, there’s a reason Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods aren’t coaches.

Teaching isn’t about knowledge of a topic so much as the ability to convey that knowledge. You can’t just say, “Watch me,” and expect a student to learn. Having earned a Masters Degree in Education and spending the last eight years teaching middle school, I know something about conveying knowledge. The fact that I’ve authored two surfing books – one of them, The Kook’s Guide to Surfing, explains every facet of the sport – is evidence that I can get my point across. Furthermore, over the last three decades I’ve personally taught thousands of people to surf.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, to teach someone to do something you should care about people and about the thing you’re teaching. Through the years I’ve volunteered to instruct children with autism, people with spinal cord injuries, and foster children. I started Wave Warriors Surf Camp for injured soldiers, and I provide free camps for local underprivileged students. If someone cares more about giving back to the community through surfing, I’d love to meet them.

While I am not personally shoving students into waves as much as I once was, I remain heavily involved in selecting my instructors based on my values, and providing them with all the necessary tools to succeed. I’m still on the beach every day, still ensuring that all of my students receive the best possible education.

Whether you decide to learn to surf with us or with someone else, we’re confident you’ll have the time of your life. And we’re thrilled you’ve decided to take part in what we consider the greatest sport on earth. And just think, pretty soon you’ll be qualified to be a surf instructor too.